Home Owner’s Tip When Replacing Cooling or Heating Unit

  1. Existing Issues: Considering all prevailing issues and concerns of the current HVAC system is very crucial. Issues like poor airflow, not getting enough heat or cool in some part of the house, having too low or too high humidity are some of the common problems homeowners face. When upgrading the unit, the homeowner has to bring the concern they have to the table and discuss it with the comfort specialist. Identifying past problems and addressing them on the new replacement project has to be one of the most important jobs of a professional Comfort Specialist.
  2. Load Calculation: Most contractors fail to consider residential load calculation during the replacement of existing air conditioning and heating systems. Sizing cooling units with proper load calculation addresses most of the issues the homeowner may face in the future. The same square feet size homes can have different size of heating and cooling units. Thus, it is good that homeowners ask a contractor to perform a residential load calculation.
  3. Filter Access: Some existing units have an inaccessible filter or filter compartments with no filter rack. Having easy access to the air filter encourages the homeowner to inspect and replace the air filter more often. Addressing inaccessibility issues of an existing filter should be one of the most important things homeowners to consider during upgrade of the HVAC system.
  4. AHRI Certificate: The indoor component of the cooling unit and the outdoor condensing unit has to match properly. Manufacturers always recommend installing matching outdoor and indoor units. Sometimes it is common to see unmatching units installed and perform below AHRI rating. Homeowner has to make sure the contractor they deal with has taken into consideration the compatibility of the units to be installed in the home.

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Four Major Things to Do If Your Heating System Stop Working this Winter:

If your furnace stop working, we at Home comfort Air Services believe that our customers can save money by just doing some basic things before calling any service company
Here are the four major things to check:

  1. Power
    It is always good to check the power switch to the furnace. Sometimes our family member can accidentally turn the furnace switch to off position. The switch could be around the furnace or at the main circuit breaker
  2. Thermostat
    Making sure your thermostat setting is correct can help you save unnecessary service call expenses. It is our common encounter sometimes that the thermostat was not set properly. Also, somebody may accidentally change the programming or configuration can result in system dysfunction. Depending on the type of the thermostat batteries can also be checked and replaced
  3. Filter
    A filter that is clogged can create airflow restriction and can result in system short-cycling, which eventually leads the system to lock. It is a smart thing to do to check your filter and get it replaced regularly. It is also a good idea to make sure all supply and return vents are not blocked or closed. Check the proper orientation of the dampers. Some houses have dampers on the ductwork which has to be adjusted to the right position in each season.
  4. Fuel Supply
    It is good to make sure we have enough supply of propane or oil supply to our heating unit. Depending on the make and model our heating unit fuel source may be different. Also, it is good to check the position of the gas valve whether it is on the one or off position.

6 Benefits of Fall Heating Inspection

It is that time of the year again we all get excited about the holiday season and get occupied with many tasks. The weather already feels like we are in midwinter. It is a smart decision to schedule your heating unit efficiency tune-up. Performing regular heating inspection has great benefits.

Here are the six benefits you get:

  • Extending the life of your heating unit

 Just like your car, your furnace needs a regular tune-up. Furnaces have moving parts that need regular inspection and have parts that need services before every season. Lack of scheduled maintenance can eventually result in a big repair bill. Here at Home Comfort Air Services, we make sure that your heating system is inspected thoroughly for the cold winter.

  • Increased efficiency

Regular heating unit maintenance makes sure that your heating unit is running to the manufacturer set recommendations and standards. Doing so allows you to save energy by making your unit work to the efficiency standard it is set.

  • Minimize unexpected breakdown.

During routine furnace inspection, it is normal some time to come across parts that are weak or making noise. On the inspection report, the technician can bring this finding as a recommendation to the homeowner.

  • Protecting your family from Carbon monoxide hazard.

One of the major activities furnace inspection is to make sure your heating unit is properly venting outside the house. Our technician also makes sure your furnace is performing proper combustion. We also test the proper operation of your carbon monoxide detector and, if needed, we perform.

  • Keep the manufacturer warranty valid.

Almost all manufacturers require homeowners to perform a regular heating unit inspection to be legible for manufacturer warranty.

  • Peace of mind.

4 Ways to Improve Air Quality in Your Home

Our home air quality can be affected by different factors. Some of the major contributors of indoor air pollution are fuel burning combustion appliances, tobacco products, building materials, household cleaning products, excess moisture. If our indoor air is not ventilated enough and filtered continuously, it can be polluted with such contaminants and can result in different health symptoms. Hence it is very crucial to keep our indoor air clean.

Here at Home Comfort Air services, we are committed to help you improve your indoor air quality  and keep your family comfy and healthy

Here are the four tips:

1 Replace your air filters regularly

To ensure good air quality in your home and improve the efficiency of your HVAC system, it is good to keep your Air filter replaced or cleaned regularly.  Depending on the type of filters you have the duration may vary but typically it is a good idea to inspect your air filter at least once every two months. There are many types of air cleaners: electronic air cleaner, media filters, UV light, washable filters.

2 Ventilate your home regularly

Most houses are becoming tight and has low fresh outdoor air infiltration. Normally our home could be filled with pollutants like solvents from paints, cleaning products, soot from candles, animal dander, tobacco smoke, cooking, air freshers, etc. so, it is very important to open windows at least for ten minutes every day, also make sure the exhaust air fans in the kitchen and bath rooms are working and clean the grill if necessary, don’t dry clothes inside the house, minimize use of chemicals like air freshers,

3 Inspect your gas appliances by professional

Making sure gas appliances like gas furnace, gas water heater, fireplaces and gas stoves are inspected and maintained for proper combustion and exhaust

4 Whole house duct cleaning

If not regularly cleaned and maintained the inside of the HVAC duct system can become contaminated with dust, pollen, debris and pet hair. If there is moisture it may eventually form microbial growth in the inner surface of the duct and on the components of the HVAC unit. Regular HVAC system and duct cleaning helps alleviate such problems and improve the indoor air quality.

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